Shameful! Malaika Arora Brutally Trolled For Wearing Balenciaga As Brand Faces ‘Child Abuse’ Controversy

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Malaika Arora trolled: As one of Hollywood’s trendiest fashionistas, the actress is frequently seen competing with other divas. Malaika recently made a fashion statement at Manish Malhotra’s party by wearing a Balenciaga dress. The actress was accused of supporting a brand that is receiving criticism for its controversial advertisement featuring children with bondage teddy bears. Recent advertising campaigns for Balenciaga have allegedly been accused of’sexualising children.’

Malaika Arora wore a Balenciaga mini dress to the birthday party held at designer Manish Malhotra’s residence. She appeared in a fashionable silver turtleneck greyish white shimmering ensemble emblazoned with the Balenciaga logo. She completed her ensemble with thigh-high black boots, loose hair, and a small black purse. Malaika’s choice of attire, however, did not go over well with netizens, who called her “shameful.”

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Reactions of Citizens

A user who shared a picture of Malaika wrote: “Meet Malaika Arora. A Bollywood celebrity flaunting her Balenciaga dress despite the controversy surrounding the brand’s child exploitation advertisements.” Furthermore, “Imagine supporting Balenciaga in light of the scandal. Shameful.” A third remark stated, “Wearing Balenciaga??? Actually?? I am completely opposed to cancel culture, but not child pornography. This brand must be discontinued permanently, and you, as a celebrity, must do it first.” Instagram user calls it reprehensible “I’m stunned to see this woman wearing Balenciaga… extremely disgraceful and insensitive!”

Malaika Arora trolled
Malaika Arora trolled

“Malaika’s endorsement of the paedophile brand suggests that she believes that everyone in India is illiterate or something. Does she believe that no one watches the news, or that she herself does not? Or is it simply another way to be contentious?”

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Malaika Arora’s Work front

Malaika Arora made her OTT debut with her new show, Moving In With Malaika, which debuted on Disney Plus Hotstar on December 5. The show provides a closer look at the diva’s personal life. Malaika was married to Arbaaz Khan, Salman Khan’s brother, for eighteen years. Together, they have a son named Arhaan Khan. However, in 2017 they decided to separate and continue co-parenting their son. Malaika is now dating actor Arjun Kapoor. The couple is head over heels in love and never hesitates to express their affection for one another.

Malaika Arora's Work front
Malaika Arora’s Work front

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