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Salman Khan is granted a firearms license after citing death threats in his request

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The Mumbai Police gave Bollywood actor Salman Khan an arms license after he requested for it for self-protection after receiving threatening letters.

Last month, after the actor visited with Mumbai Police Commissioner Vivek Phansalkar, the licensing authorities began the process of awarding him a license. The actor and his father Saleem Khan received a death threat in June, only days after the murder of musician Sidhu Moosewala in Punjab on May 29. Lawrence Bishnoi, the alleged mastermind behind the murder of Moosewala, allegedly issued a threat against Salman Khan.

Salman was on Bishnoi’s radar ever since the actor’s alleged involvement in the 1998 blackbuck poaching case. Blackbucks are revered by the Bishnoi people.

However, the issue had waned during the preceding two decades. Later, an anonymous letter with threats against his father Saleem Khan was discovered at the Bandra location where his father takes his regular walk.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

The actor had met with top cop Vivek Phansalkar at the Mumbai Police headquarters late last month in order to obtain a weapons license. Officer: “He wants a firearm to protect himself and his family.” The officer stated that Salman had visited the police headquarters for physical verification prior to the issuance of the license.

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According to the Arms Act, one must demonstrate a specific level of threat in order to own a firearm. The police licensing authority then determines the threat level and decides whether a firearm should be permitted. Even security businesses can be granted firearms if they comply with the Arms Act’s regulations and apply to the police for the same.

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