Prabhas proposed to Kriti Sanon? will get engaged soon


In “Adipurush,” Prabhas and Kriti are collaborating for the first time. During the filming of the film, their relationship grew closer. Additionally, Varun Dhawan confirmed their relationship. According to reports, the couple is about to become engaged.

The rumor of Prabhas and Kriti Sanon’s relationship has been circulating in B-Town for some time. In Ishaaron Ishaaron, Varun Dhawan recently added fuel to these rumors by alluding to their relationship. Varun Dhawan, who reached a reality show, stated that Kriti Sanon is in the heart of someone outside of Mumbai. Currently, he is filming with Deepika. The fans had no trouble determining who Varun was referring to. Prabhas and Deepika are collaborating on “Project K.” Meanwhile, it is now reported that the couple will soon become engaged.

Prabhas proposed on-screen

According to reports, Prabhas proposed to Kriti Sanon on the set of “Adipurush,” and she accepted. Both families are extremely pleased with their relationship. Prabhas and Kriti want to advance in their relationship. Soon after ‘Adipurush’ is released, they will become engaged.

Kriti Sanon Prabhas Engagement
Kriti Sanon Prabhas Engagement

Disclosed on Karan’s show

When Kriti Sanon appeared on the seventh season of “Coffee With Karan,” dating rumors began to circulate about her. In one segment of the program, Kriti called Prabhas, who replied, “Hey Karan, it’s me.” Kriti stated in a television interview that she would like to marry Prabhas. Prabhas and Kriti have not yet made their relationship official. Fans eagerly anticipate its arrival.

When will the movie be available?

In “Adipurush,” Prabhas and Kriti are collaborating for the first time. Om Raut is the film’s director. After the release of the ‘Adipurush’ teaser, it was heavily criticized. From visual effects to the actors’ appearances, there was chaos. Originally scheduled for release in January 2023, the film will now debut in June 2023.

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