Not Only Does Fame Bring Love, But Also Hardships – Vijay Devarakonda

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Ligar, a film starring Vijay Devarakonda, was released in Hindi and Telugu a few months ago. It was directed by the renowned filmmaker Puri Jagannath. Co-produced by actress Charmy Kaur, Puri Jagannath, and renowned Hindi film producer Karan Johar. This film, which was released with high expectations, was heavily criticised by fans on its opening day and placed on the list of flops

vijay deverkonda
vijay deverkonda

In addition, a lawsuit was filed alleging that the film was funded with illegal funds. Specifically, the complaint stated that funds for this film were sent from the United States to Dubai, then sent back to the United States from Dubai and spent. A summons was then issued to the film’s producers and the actor Vijay Devarakonda to inquire about it. Charmi and Puri Jagannath were previously questioned.

In this instance, Vijay Devarakonda appeared before Enforcement Division officers for investigation. He was questioned for approximately 12 hours. After the investigation, he met with the media and stated, “I have responded to some of the officials’ questions.” They have fulfilled their responsibilities, but they did not ask me to return. This is a learning experience for me, as fame does not only bring love, but also challenges.

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