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NASA says the number of dangerous solar flares is going up


They issue a warning that the rise in activity may have important effects on Earth.

The sun occasionally releases electromagnetic radiation known as solar flares, which move at the speed of light. Increased radiation has the potential to disrupt power grids, GPS, and radio communications.

The increased activity might also be dangerous for astronauts and spacecraft.

NASA says the number of dangerous solar flares
NASA says the number of dangerous solar flares

Flares have the potential to completely shut down power grids or the internet. Even the health of the flight crew and passengers on airplanes may be affected.

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According to NASA, the number of solar events will keep rising through 2025.

Solar eruptions are taking place, and NASA says they could have an impact on Earth.

According to NASA, the sun has been extremely active, which is what might be problematic for Earth. GPS signals, power grids, satellite electronics, and radio communication may be affected by solar eruptions.

More solar activity, flares, and eruptions are expected, according to NASA scientists, who also claim that the solar cycle has already surpassed expectations despite not yet reaching its peak.

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