Mira Rajput Argues That We Should Abandon The Term “star wife”: Nobody Says Celebrity Husband.

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Mira Rajput, a YouTuber and content creator who is married to film actor Shahid Kapoor, recently revealed that she believes the term “star wife” should not be used because no one refers to a female actor’s husband as a “star husband.

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Mira stated in an interview with Janice Sequeira for her YouTube channel that while she understood why people previously used this phrase for “recall value,” she does not comprehend the concept of a celebrity spouse. She stated, “It’s time to move on. Perhaps it was a connection that was necessary for recall value. People dislike hearing the term “star kid” due to its nepotistic connotations and other negative connotations. Also, I have never understood the concept of “star wife.”

Mira rajput and shahid kapoor
Mira rajput and shahid kapoor

Mira continued by stating that wives of heroes are still referred to as star wives, whereas none of the husbands of female stars are referred to as star husbands. She stated, “An actor, celebrity, or star may have a wife or a husband, but nobody uses the term’star husband,’ so why is there a term’star wife’? Therefore, I pay no attention to it.”

Mira and Shahid wed in July 2015 and have two children, a daughter named Misha and a son named Zain.

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