James Cameron mocks Marvel and DC characters, says VFX ‘not even close’ to Avatar 2

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James Cameron stated that when it comes to motion capture and creating expressive faces, Marvel is “not even close” to the visual effects of Avatar: The Way of the Water.

Cameron was asked in an interview with ComicBook.com if the increase in superhero films since the release of the first Avatar film in 2009 has raised the bar for visual effects.

Cameron was initially circumspect when discussing how Marvel, a subsidiary of Disney, and the Avatar film series have helped raise the bar for visual effects in motion pictures. However, he later clarified that his Weta FX team is in a league of its own.

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Cameron said, “Clearly, the massive comic book films have been driving the industry’s sheer volume. The rising tide of technology elevates everyone. It provides superior artists, additional tools and plug-ins, and code [for use]. There are more talented code writers out there.”

He added, “Our team at WETA Digital [the New Zealand effects company co-founded by Peter Jackson] is constantly acquiring new members from this pool, thereby enhancing the entire organisation. Consequently, WETA FX, as it is currently known, is the best. Right?”

“Industrial Light & Magic [George Lucas’ effects company used by Marvel] does excellent work, but when it comes to the type of emotional facial work we’re doing…

Thanos? Come on, now. I need a break. You watched [Avatar: The Water Trilogy]. It is by no means close. That’s exactly what WETA did, “He proceeded.

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Cameron had previously ridiculed Marvel and DC movie characters by questioning their capacity to create emotionally complex characters.

In an October interview with the New York Times, he stated, “No matter how old the characters are in these large, spectacular films — I’m looking at you, Marvel and DC — they all act like they’re in college. They appear to have relationships, but they do not.”

James Cameron mocks Marvel
James Cameron mocks Marvel

“They never stop riding because of their children. What are the things that truly anchor us and give us strength, love, and a purpose? I don’t think that’s a good way to make movies, as these characters don’t experience it “he added.

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Due to allegations of workplace problems at Disney, where employees were allegedly “pressured” to finish effects on the Disney+ series “She-Hulk,” and the number of CGI effects used in the Marvel film “Thor: Love and Thunder,” Marvel’s VFX have also been criticised this year.

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