“I’m Pregnant…” In The News Was Ram Charan’s Wife’s Statement About Becoming a Mother.

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Soon, popular South Indian film actor Ram Charan and his wife Upasana will become parents. Sharing the post on social media, he informed his followers of the good news. After ten years of marriage, the cradle will relocate to the residence of Ram Charan.

Following Ram Charan’s announcement that he will become a father, his wife’s statement about becoming a mother is discussed. Upasana, the wife of Ram Charan, stated in an interview that she feared pregnancy and motherhood. “My question is whether or not to become a mother following marriage. We no longer want a child. In addition, I am a little bit afraid of pregnancy. I am now losing weight. “We have decided when to conceive a child,” she said.

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On 14 June 2012, Ram Charan and Upasana got married and began a new life. After ten years of marriage, they are both excited to move into their new home.

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