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IIT-Madras and the National Institute of Siddha are working together


The National Institute of Siddha (NIS), a center of excellence for research and higher education in the siddha system of medicine, and the Indian Institute of Technology.

Madras (IIT Madras) have partnered to develop new collaborative teaching programs and research in the fields of clinical research, molecular biology and in-vitro cell line studies, and health system research.

Director of IIT-Madras V Kamakoti and Director of NIS Dr. R Meenakumari have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) under which the two institutions will work together to organize conferences.

Webinars, continuing education programs (including Continuing Medical Education (CME)), and academic programs.

IIT-Madras and the National Institute of Siddha
IIT-Madras and the National Institute of Siddha

Additionally, they will encourage the exchange of PhD, postdoctoral, and faculty members for teaching and training programs.

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“The Siddha school of Indian medicine is very significant. The goal of this collaboration is to create a scientific foundation for the effectiveness of Siddha medicines “IIT-Madras director V Kamakoti said.

We anticipate that this partnership will create new opportunities for knowledge exchange regarding the tremendous therapeutic potential of Siddha medicine currently in use and the use of cutting-edge IIT-M technology in the scientific validation of Siddha formulations, identification of its bioactive molecule, and mechanism of action “Director of the National Institute of Siddha (NIS), Dr. R. Meenakumari, said.

The NIS Chennai strives to raise the bar for postgraduate education in the siddha system, conduct research, and establish the efficacy of siddha medications for particular diseases.

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