Highest Dividend Paying Stocks – Today we will know Dividend Paying Share List 2021 which can earn better than Dividend with good returns every year. Know about 5 stocks in which you invest, then you are going to get a good dividend. If you invest in these stocks for a long time, then you are going to earn good dividends only. Let’s know-

Highest Dividend Paying Stocks

ITC Ltd:- Talking about a stable company giving good Dividends every year, the first name comes ITC Share. Which has been continuously giving dividends to its shareholders every year. The company has paid Dividends 2 times this year in 2021. The first of them was given for Rs 5 and the second for Rs 5.75. If we look at the Dividend Yield of the stock, it is more than 5 percent.

The company is constantly engaged in expanding its business. Now FMCG sector seems to be paying more attention. Due to this there is every possibility of becoming good bullish in the coming days. However, due to the rules of the government tobacco sector, the speed that this company should have seen has not been seen so far.

Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd:- A tremendous share of the power sector which has given good dividends to the shareholder as well as earning good profit in the stock. Last year, the stock gave a tremendous dividend of Rs 15 to its shareholder 3 times. But the company has given a dividend of Rs 4 only once in 2021. In the coming days, like last year, there is every possibility of giving this time too. At present, the Dividend Yield is showing more than 5%.

Indus Tower:- Talking about Telecom Tower company, it is one of the largest companies in India in this sector. Many of these telecom companies provide tower connections to companies like Jio, Airtel, Vodafone. As soon as the installation of 5G tower starts, this company is going to make a good profit. The company also gives very good dividends. In 2021, the company has so far paid a tremendous dividend of Rs.17.82 to the shareholders. Talking about Dividend Yield, more than 8 percent which is very good.

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Dividend Paying Stock List 2021

Hindustan Zinc:- Company of the metal sector which has given good returns by earning dividend as well. The stock has given more than 80 percent returns in the last year. The company is a large-cap whose market cap is more than 140000 crores. Talking about the Dividend, the stock gave a total of Rs 37.8 twice in 2020. But in 2021 dividend has not been declared yet. Hope to make a dividend payment in the coming days. The dividend yield is close to 6 percent of the company.

IRFC:- The company was recently listed on the stock exchange. The company has started paying dividends as soon as it is listed. Talking about business, in a way it can be called Monopoly. Whenever Indian Railways needs finance, it is raised through IRFC only. At present, the share price is showing the same as the listing price. The company has made a dividend payment of Rs 1.05 in 2021. The dividend Yield is around 4 percent. In the coming days, along with tremendous dividends, good returns are also going to earn.

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Should you buy shares by looking at Dividend?

A dividend in the stock market is like regular earnings in a way. In this, every year the company gives some part of the profits to the shareholders. Due to which there is little impact on the growth of the company. Due to which its effect is also seen in the share price.

That’s why you should not invest in any company by looking at Dividends. Your focus should be on the fundamentals and financials of the company instead of dividends. You should see how that company is doing according to the future. So that you can earn good profits in the coming days.

I hope you must have understood by reading the post-Highest Dividend Paying Share List 2021 post by investing in which stock you will be able to earn good returns along with good dividend. If you have any questions related to this, then definitely tell in the comment. Stay tuned with us to stay updated with important information from the share market.