Fans of Ram Charan and NTR are at it Again!

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While Rajamouli aggressively promotes “RRR” starring NTR and Ram Charan for Oscar nominations in Hollywood, the actors’ social media followers are at odds.

Ram Charan and NTR have both stated that they are close friends who have never viewed one another as competitors.

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Despite their stars’ friendship, their fans continue to engage in Twitter hashtag wars.

Recently, Sai Dharam Tej tweeted that NTR lent his voice to a trailer for the film in which he stars. Sai Dharam Tej described NTR as a “Man of the Masses” on his Facebook page.

This has dissatisfied Ram Charan’s supporters. Fans of Ram Charan urged Sai Dharam Tej to delete the tag ‘Man of Masses’ from his Direct Message (DM).

Therefore, NTR’s fans have begun using trending hashtags such as #CheckDM. Ram Charan’s fans have begun trolling an old tweet from a member of NTR’s team using the hashtag #DmOpenCheyandi.

The purported friendship between these fans is obviously a ruse. Only their heroes are worthy of praise, not those of others.

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