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Co-working Spaces on the Beaches of Goa are being Planned

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As part of its plan to foster the “culture of #WorkationGoa,” the Goan government is planning to build co-working spaces on the beaches.

The good news for businesspeople in Goa continues. The state administration, according to the news, has proposed a plan to build co-working facilities on the beaches so that working professionals may make use of the area’s beautiful scenery.
The state of Goa is planning to foster the “culture of #WorkationGoa” by establishing beachside co-working spaces.

State Minister for Tourism and IT Rohan Khaunte has announced that beaches in North Goa (Morjim and Miramar) and South Goa (Benaulim) will be the first to host these shared office spaces. The Minister went on to say that anyone can use these beachside co-working areas to get some work done, take a break to go surfing, and then return to their desks after a quick wash.


He went on to say that many organizations now allow their workers to work remotely, therefore they are seeking IT professionals who can come to these co-working spaces to conduct their jobs and assist them.

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The T-Hub is the type of space we need to develop Goa. In order to find locations suitable for opening coworking spaces, we have begun publicizing our intentions. The Minister announced, “Today, the database is complete.

He went on to say that the state government was planning to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) to help train new workers and improve the abilities of current employees.

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He also said that the tourism administration was preparing to build prototype beach huts that had Wi-Fi and other modern conveniences. He further said that the beaches of Colva, Baina, and Benaulim in South Goa, as well as the Calangute-Baga area in North Goa, would be the locations where these shacks would be located.

He went on to explain that the shacks will feature a “plug and play” facility, meaning that guests will just need to hook up to the government-provided sewerage and other equipment.

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