Try 5 Contact Lenses for Better Vision


We often grapple with the constant predicament of picking between contact lenses and spectacles. The selection is demanding and challenging, owing to the lens price and quality, and all the options are weighed through their distinctive advantages and disadvantages. While spectacles and contact lenses differ on account of lifestyle and maintenance, contact lenses are the most acceptable solution for those struggling with spectacles as a visually aesthetic and cosmetic issue.

Most of us may have floundered in getting used to eyeglasses becoming a regular part of our countenance. Apart from the physical appearance of eyeglasses being a challenging add-on to handle continuously, the most significant disadvantage of eyeglasses is how they can overpower your facial features. In addition, our eyes are the quintessential non-verbal form of communication. With eyeglasses coming in the way, you might feel an absence of confidence that keeps you contained within the limitations of a ‘geeky look.’ Thus, you can afford to ditch eyeglasses, and sporting contact lenses can be a measure in the proper direction, enabling you to look more perceptive and feel more assured wherever you go.

Daily Disposables for the Keeper

Contact lenses are the answer to your eye care requirements, especially if you are someone who likes to push away from hiding behind spectacles and handle them constantly. These contact lenses can be tailor-made per your eye-care needs while shopping. These contact lenses are a set of 30 and are supposed to be worn daily and jettisoned once used. They have a water content of 33% with a base viscosity of 8.5mm.

Fortnightly Disposables for the Low Maintenance

Placed in the heart of convenience, these fortnightly contact lenses are excellent for use for a maximum of 14 days and must be discarded after that. This pack comes with a set of 6 contact lenses. These are also excellent for those who desire to keep the quantity of scrapped contact lenses as low as possible. These UV-blocking contact lenses have 38% water content and 8.4mm base thickness.

Monthly Disposables

Discarding contact lenses can be intimidating for first-time users due to the upkeep requirements that come along. This is why reputed brands offer daily, monthly and yearly wear contact lenses for maximum user delight. This set of disposable contact lenses is also available in a set of 6, which can be used for a month but will have to be thrown away thereafter.

Yearly Disposables

For those who can use contact lenses and retain their eye condition for a more extended period through all the maintenance and wear and tear, yearly disposable contact lenses are for them. These lenses are speculated to be utilized for a year; hence, they have a different design from daily and monthly contact lenses.

Monthly Disposables for the Colorful

Sometimes, you may opt for contact lenses for the most operationally feasible justifications. Still, you can conduct an experiment with cosmetic contact lenses that give you various eye colours. This pack comes in a set of two. These contact lenses can be worn monthly and are fantastic for those looking for coloured contact lenses. In addition, it will keep you relaxed and chic.

Dumping the geeky look is a step towards a countenance makeover that will always enable you to stand apart. Investing in good quality contact lenses can be your answer if you are weary of your eyeglasses getting in the way of your business and social interactions. Since many trustworthy brands offer best contact lenses, shopping from trusted brands like Titan Eyeplus, Fastrack and more is recommended. So, head to Titan Eyeplus if you are a first-time user and find contact lenses tailor-made to your needs at the best prices.

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