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Aamir Khan wanted his son Junaid to star in Laal Singh Chaddha, but it never happened

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On August 11, the much awaited Laal Singh Chaddha by Aamir Khan will be released. This rendition of Forrest Gump stars Kareena Kapoor Khan and is directed by Advait Chandan, who earlier helmed Secret Superstar. Prior to the film’s release, Aamir disclosed in an interview with select media that he had envisioned his son Junaid Khan in the lead role.

When a journalist questioned the ‘perfectionist’ if he had watched Tom Hanks’ performance to acquire a feel for the role, he responded in the negative and stated that it had never occurred to him to do so. “I saw Forrest Gump a long time ago, but when the script was presented to me, it became my project. We never watched the original version. During production, we were shown a few reference scenes, but never the entire film. However, a weird occurrence occurred during the film’s production,” he revealed.

Aamir Khan went on to say that while Advait had done an excellent job with Superstar Singer, he wasn’t sure whether he could hand over Laal Singh Chaddha to him because it was such a difficult project. Thus, he requested that he assemble his own crew and film a few specific scenarios. This was also the time that Junaid returned from his training in Los Angeles, and Aamir advised that Advait film the test video with him. “In this manner, it became a challenge for both of them,” the Dangal actor smiled.

Aamir revealed that he was blown away by the test video with his ex-wife Kiran Rao. The pleased father, describing Junaid’s performance as remarkable, stated that he recognized Laal in his son. “I knew my chances were slim” (My chance was gone). This innocence of Laal existed, whereas I would have to portray it. I presented the film to close to a hundred individuals, including my family, friends, and colleagues like Raju Hirani, Karan Johar, and Aditya Chopra, and 98 of them recommended that I hire him.

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan

However, actor Atul Kulkarni, the film’s screenwriter, and Aditya Chopra were adamant that Aamir play the lead role. “They contended that the film’s episodic nature made it inappropriate for a novice to direct. Aamir revealed that he was influenced by Junaid’s performance in Laal Singh Chaddha rather than Tom Hanks’s for Laal Singh Chaddha, as a result of their lengthy debates. He noted that his kid captured the appropriate sur (mood) for the character, just as he did in his performance.

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If you are wondering how Junaid Khan reacted to this news, Aamir Khan revealed that his son is a very practical individual who was opposed to doing the film in the first place since he believed it to be a very expensive undertaking for a beginner. Aamir remarked, however, that although the episode was undoubtedly disappointing for the young actor, it must have taught him a valuable lesson.

Aamir Khan stated, “Sometimes you can be exceptionally talented, but the time is not perfect.” Additionally, he acknowledged that, as a father, the scenario was incredibly tragic for him, but that it was necessary for the film.

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