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50 meters of the “all-weather” Badrinath highway have caved in


Following a prolonged period of heavy rain, a 50-meter section of the Badrinath national highway (NH-58), which connects Rishikesh with Srinagar (Pauri Garhwal), caved in near Pantgaon in the Tehri Garhwal district.

The road, which is frequently traveled by visitors to Char Dham, collapsed on Tuesday as a result of heavy rain.

At the place where the road collapsed, large cracks appeared. Fortunately, no cars were leaving the affected stretch when the accident occurred.

Significantly, the affected road is being widened as part of the all-weather Char Dham road project, which is funded by the central government.

50 meters of Badrinath's highway collapsed
50 meters of Badrinath’s highway collapsed

Authorities erected barricades and posted signs near the affected area after the cave-in. However, the remaining portion of the road was made open to vehicular traffic while being closely inspected.

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According to Brijesh Bhatt, district disaster management officer, “A 50-meter stretch caved in after continuous water percolation following nonstop rain.”

The road’s foundation’s soil was thus weakened. In order to complete the retrofitting work, we have written to the PWD. However, the repairs can’t begin until the weather is clear.

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An earlier stretch of the Badrinath highway (NH-58) near Pursadi in Chamoli washed away on July 13 as a result of persistent rain.

Notably, the road that washed away was built by National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation (NHIDCL) only last year as a component of the Karnaprayag-Chamoli road laid under the all-weather road project.

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